Käpt'n Karl, 17449 Karlshagen, Usedom


Um Käpt'n Karl spinnen sich viele Legenden, nicht eine davon ist wahr. Die ganze Wahrheit wäre auch schlicht viel zu uninteressant. Deshalb spinnen wir hier am Seemannsgarn. Viel Spaß beim Lesen. Und ein Funken Wahrheit ist -wie immer- natürlich doch dabei.

There is a total of 6 color styles available giving your the template flexibility in match the color scheme best suited to your needs. Color styles available are Black, Red, Blue, Green, Bronze and Purple and can be set by navigating to your templates parameters (Extensions -> Template Manager -> J51 [Template Name] and simply selecting the color style of your choice from the 'Template Style' dropdown menu.

We have included an option to easily add animations to almost any element of your site content. These animations are triggered once elements enter the viewport of your browser as you scroll down the page adding life and energy to your site content. Great for adding focus to particular elements of your content which you wish to bring to the attention of your visitors.

Doing so is as simple as adding class names to the element you wish to animate via either inline through your editor or via your Module Class Suffix (Modules) or Link CSS Style (Menu Items) fields.

Module Style Overrides allow you to style individual module positions to your own taste. This greatly extends the control of how each of your module positions are displayed with a host of styling options including background image, background color, text color, heading color, button color and module padding. Multiple overrides can be created, each applied to the module position of your choice. Any module position with no override applied will continue to use the default template styling.

It has become common knowledge that every day the number of mobile devices used to view your site grows. Responsive design gives your site the power to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices from a mobile phone to a desktop computer monitor.

So how does it work? With the use of media queries different CSS style rules are loaded depending on characteristics of the device your site is been viewed with, most commonly the width of your browser. With each set of rules your site will be styled to best display on the matching device.

At Joomla51 we have embraced this new trend in website design and implemented responsive design to all our new releases, resolving any problems assoiciated with how your site will display on smaller resolution screens. To view how your template will respond to each screen resolution simply resize your browser window, as you reduce the width of your browser the template will react accordingly, altering its layout and style to best accomodate the site content within the available viewing area.

Alongside its responsive design, the template features a number of options within its parameters allowing you control over what content is displayed on smaller mobile devices. From your Joomla administration navigate to Extensions -> Template Manager -> J51_[YourTemplate] -> Responsive Options, here you will find a number of toggle switches to turn on/off each set of modules. If there is a situation where you would sooner your site to display the same on all devices then not to worry as we have added an option here to do that to (“,).

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Your template comes with a host of Color Choosers and background image options allowing you total control of the look and feel of your site. Simply navigate to Extensions -> Template Manager -> [YourTemplate] to access the full range of easy to use styling options to give your template your very own look to suit your website.

Colour Choosers

Imagehover.io is a library we created offering 44 unique image hover effects. Finally we have created a module which allows you to easily implement these effects within Joomla. This stylish gallery extension is an ideal solution to showcase site content in to attractive image boxes which can then be linked to a URL of your choice.

For those of you who are familiar with Joomla51 templates and have used our popular GridGallery module will find the Imagehover Gallery to be very similar with the exception that the Imagehover Gallery module sets the images in to a chosen number of columns rather fixed widths. This makes the Imagehover Gallery perfect when designing for multiple screens sizes and browser widths. Easily add title and description text for each image using the corresponding fields. Responsive options allow you to easily set the number of columns to display depending on the device it is been viewed on. Multiple color choosers allow you to style the different elements of boxes to your own taste making this module highly flexible, versatile and the perfect option when showcasing your images.

There is a total of 56 available module positions all of which are fully collapsible. By default your module widths will automatically adjust depending on the number of modules published within its containing row however within the templates parameters you can disable this feature and customise the width of each individual module.

Included with this the template is our J51 Carousel module. This easy to use, highly versatile and fully responsive module allows you to place any content within an attractive carousel, an excellent solution to showcase your work in a small space. It's many uses include displaying a portfolio of work right across to a simple testimonials module. The possibilities are endless!

The module includes an editor field for each column of your carousel so any content you can add to a standard article editor you can also add to your carousel. You can then set the number of columns you wish visible with each slide from one up to six. Other option fields include, navigation, pagination, transition style, transition delay and transition interval. There is also responsive options to set the number of columns per slide across various screen sizes.

Your template comes with a host of Color Choosers allowing you total control of the look and feel of your site. Simply navigate to Extensions -> Template Manager -> [YourTemplate] to access the full range of easy to use Colour Choosers.

Colour Choosers

A utility class is a class that defines a set of methods that perform common, often re-used functions. Your template includes a number of helpful utility classes to help style your content. In Joomla there is a number of different methods of adding a class name to an element..

Inline Styling

The most basic method is inline directly in to the HTML of your document. Note that this method is only used when your are viewing the HTML source of your document either via the CodeMirror editor or the source/HTML option available in most other editors. An example would look something like the following....

<h2 class="padding-bottom-40">
    A Sample Heading

The above class name of padding-bottom-40 will add a padding (space) of 40px to the bottom of the text.

Module Class Suffix (Module)

This method is specific to modules. If you click in to the settings of any module and select the 'Advanced' tab you will notice a 'Module Class Suffix' field. Simply add the utility class to apply the CSS of this class to the enitre module. An popular example would be the utility class 'text-light' which will convert all the text within a module to white which you will find useful if you have a dark background image or color set for the module area background. Note you can add as many classes as you like by simply separating them with a space.


Link CSS Style (Menu Items)

This final method is specific to menu items. Clicking in to the settings of any menu item (Menus -> [YourMenu] -> [YourMenuItem]) and selecting the 'Link Type' you will notice a 'Link CSS Style' field. This will allow you to apply a class to that particular menu item.

Text/Icons Color Classes


Padding & Margin Classes


Background Color Classes


If you like this feature please let us know in our forums and we will extend on this in future template releases!

Usedom liegt im Norden Deutschlands ganz im Osten. Auf der Insel verläuft die Grenze zu Polen, auf der polnischen Seite heißt die Insel Wolin.

Usedom ist aus Nord- und Mitteldeutschland und aus Dänemark sehr gut zu erreichen. Man reist mit dem Auto über Berlin oder über Hannover, Hamburg, Lübeck und Rostock an. Mit der Bahn kommt man gut bis Greifswald oder Pasewalk (alles weitere zieht sich), mit dem Flieger nach Rostock oder direkt nach Heringsdorf auf Usedom. Von dort macht ein Leihwagen Sinn.

In guter Entfernung (40 Minuten mit dem PKW) der Insel liegt die Universitäts- und Hansestadt Greifswald. Die Hansestadt Stralsund liegt an der Zufahrt zur Insel Rügen. Usedom liegt im Landkreis Vorpommern-Greifswald (VG, vorher OVP). In Anklam berührt der Peene-Strom das Stettiner Haff und erreicht zwischen dem Festland und der Insel schließlich die Ostsee.

Die Insel Usedom hat sich zu den schönsten Feriengebieten Deutschlands entwickelt. Inzwischen hat sich auch im Ausland herumgesprochen, dass auf Usedom anspruchsvolle Ferien in landschaftlich herrlicher Umgebung möglich sind.

Dem Urlauber bieten sich mehr als 400 km ausgeschilderten Wander- und Fahrradwege auf der zweitgrößten Insel Deutschlands. Landschaftlich begeistert der 40 km lange, weiße und steinfreie Sandstrand, der angrenzendem Küstenwald und weites hügeliges Land mit ausgedehnten Wiesen, Wäldern, Buchten und Seen. In Karlshagen nähert sich im Westen die Peene, in deren Binnenhafen Kutter, Ausflugsschiffe und Freizeitkapitäne festmachen. Etwa 85% der Insel stehen unter Naturschutz.

Aktuelle Veranstaltungen in Karlshagen ....

Karlshagen Panorama zum betrachten. Die besten Eindrücke 360° vorab ....


Die Landschaft, die Küste und die kleinen oder größeren Orte bieten vielfältige Aus- und Ansichten. Lasst Euch inspirieren.

Our ThumbsGallery module extension allows you to easily create a simple and stylish thumbs gallery module in to any module position on your site. A thumbs gallery is an excellent way to showcase your images in an elegant and space efficient manner.

To set up your Thumbs Gallery module simply point the module to the image folder of your choice and the module will do the rest. The module will automatically create thumbs for each of your images, linking them to the original image in a stylish, easy to navigate lightbox.

This template comes with different module styles and icons. For each module you can pick a style and combine it with an icon creating your own unique look.

You can set your module style via the Module Class Suffix field within your modules parameters. Navigate to Extensions -> Module Manager -> [YourModule] -> Advanced Options -> Module Class Suffix.

With a new and improved template parameters we have combined some of the most used and asked for features within an easy to use and beautifully styles interface. With these parameters you can now quickly customise your template to your own needs and have your site up and running in a matter of minutes.

Your template parameters can be access directly from your Template Manager giving you access to a host of features including a selection of template styles, some colour choosers to help customise your template headers and links, a number of layout options and easy to use logo settings.

Herzlich Willkommen in der Kajüte von Käpt'n Karl.

Karl hat 52 qm Platz. Der Salon mit Chaisse longue, Kartentisch und gut ausgestatteter Kombüse liegt nach Süd-West. Ein LCD-Satelliten-Bildschirm für die Küstennachrichten und bei Bedarf Bordfunk (W-LAN) stehen zur Verfügung.

In der Schlaf-Kajüte steht eine Koje mit französischen Ausmaßen von 1,60 m auf 2,00 m

Karl hat auch ein barrierefreies Duschbad.

Die Stiege im Salon führt auf Käpt'n Karls Brücke.

Doch lieber zu Major Tom

Auf der Brücke gibt es die beste Aussicht zum Festland zu und bis zum Peenestrom. Hier sieht man oft die weißen Segel der Yachten. Möglich ist auch ein Lager für die zwei wachhabenden Matrosen auf einem komfortablen Faltbett.

Die Kajüte von Käpt'n Karl hat eine schalldichte Verbindungstüre zu Major Tom. Wenn Ihr beide Kajüten zusammen chartern wollt, kontaktiert mich gerne.

Hier einige Photos zum wunderbaren Ambiente.

  • Aufgang_zur_Bruecke
  • Aussicht
  • Bruecke
  • Chaisselongue
  • Kapitaen_Karls_Salon
  • Kapitaens_Koje
  • Koje_fuer_Leichtmatrosen
  • Kombuese
  • Salon
  • Sonnendeck
  • Waschraum
  • welcome_aboard

Herzlich Willkommen in der Kajüte von Major Tom.

Toms Kajüte ist 42 qm groß. Die Offiziersmesse mit Chaisse longue und gut ausgestatteter Kombüse liegt nach Süd-West. Ein LCD-Satelliten-Bildschirm für den Seewetterbericht und bei Bedarf Bordfunk (W-LAN) stehen zur Verfügung.

Zur Kajüte gehört noch das Schwalbennest mit einem französischen Bett von 1,60 m Breite und ein barrierefreies Duschbad.

Die Stiege in der Messe führt auf Major Toms Brücke.

Doch lieber zu Käpt'n Karl

Oben gibt es dann die beste Aussicht und ein Lager für zwei Leichtmatrosen auf einem komfortablen Klappbett.

Major Tom hat in der Offiziersmesse eine schalldichte Verbindungstür zu Käpt'n Karl. Wenn Ihr beide Kajüten gemeinsam chartern wollt, nehmt gerne Kontakt mit mir auf.

Hier einige Photos zum wunderbaren Ambiente.

  • Bruecke
  • Bruecke_Fernblick
  • Chaisselongue
  • Hauptdeck
  • Kombuese
  • Nachtlager_Bruecke
  • Offizierskoje
  • Offiziersmesse_I
  • Offiziersmesse_II
  • Waschraum

Included with this template is the excellent Grid Gallery module extension. This stylish portfolio extension is an ideal solution to showcase site content in to attractive image boxes which can then be linked to further articles within your site. This extension is styled specifically for this template so it will blend seamlessly with the rest of the styling on your page.

Easily add title and description text for each image using the corresponding fields. Responsive options allow you to easily set the image box width depending on the device it is been viewed on. Multiple color choosers allow you to style the different elements of boxes to your own taste. And finally an 'On Scroll Animation' field allows you to easily add any of the animate classes included with the template to animate the image box as it is scrolled in to view within the browser window.



Niederstraße 29, 17449 Karlshagen, Usedom



Käpt'n Karl

Kommt doch mal vorbei. Wir freuen uns auf Euren Besuch in einer unserer Kajüten (Wohnungen).
Sie finden uns übrigens auch auf: www.fewo-von-privat.de, auf Ferienwohnung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern und auf Ferienwohnung Ostsee von privat mieten.